Sunday, May 8, 2011

standing on this hillside...

so the title of this creative outlet, "Whats Expected of Me" is a bit of a play on the fact that at this point in my life, i have reached a point where most people who know me, think they know me. i have presented who i am, but there are some aspects about who i am that don't come out all that often. one side of that is a through some writing. i know, that saying that on a written blog sounds weird, but the writing i am talking about is a more creative, poetic style, one that i have had flow through me for most of my life, its something that comes out when i feel like i am not able to express clearly how i am responding to something, typically its out of a place of feeling stuck, or trapped. sometimes is a response from how i have progress through that feeling, other times its from the midst of that feeling. anyway, this is something that i just had come out of me, its not meant for anything other then to maybe give a glimpse into where i am at right now...

Standing on the crest of the hill, over looking it all.
A young man, but only in his hopes and dreams
In the deep lines that spread from his eyes
He was clearly not a young man, not anymore.

Filled with so many questions,
It seemed so long since he was permitted to ask.
Still struggles if he has earned the right to speak up
The indications are so strongly suggesting, no.

Time, its time to come down from the hill.
Its clearly time.
The opportunity to just stand there could not last.
Things have to move on, with or without him.
The climb back down feels more like a tumble.

These lines, this lesson,
The words spoken or never spoken, but shared,
All helping him see, helping him know,
Its not about his time on that hill.
Its about his journey back down.