Wednesday, September 22, 2010

its about my journey

so, for a while now i have had a blog. now that blog has been inactive for a while now. that blog was designed as an outlet, a humorous outlet for the most part, an outlet for random, petty frustrations. it was a way for me to vent about really meaningless things that just annoyed me. topics included christmas decorations, grocery shoppers, people who litter and the like. it was not to be taken to seriously. i want to continue that blog. i want to rededicate myself to it, because frankly i enjoyed it, it was a good release, and it helped me work on my comedic writing. so, i will be doing that, i promise.

in addition to that blog, i have decided its time for me to become more focused in my writing. to take this more seriously. so i have started this blog. this is a place for me to discuss the many aspects of my life. its a place for me to comment on how my family, my faith, my interests, my work, and my thoughts all collide and make up who i am. i want to stay dedicated to this, not for the readers benefit, but for my own. i look forward to this journey.


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