Friday, October 22, 2010

in the quiet of the night...

i am sitting in my favorite chair, my laptop resting on the arm, the house is quiet. the kids are in bed, my wife went to bed early, i have cleaned up the house, shut off the television, the baseball game has just ended... its quiet. its nice.

there seems to be no quiet in the world anymore. this time of year, the height of political season, doesn't help that feeling. radio and television are overwhelmed with ads that are filled with negativity. my kids, who i love very, very much, are kids, they are two and three years old, they are young kids, and they are loud, and needy, and they don't get the value of silence, and they shouldn't. but its in these times, right now, with the only sound the clicking of the keyboard, that i am able to stop, and listen, to nothing.

i wonder if God feels like i do sometimes. its not political ads that overwhelm him. but our neediness, our loudness, our lack of value of silence. we don't stop and listen to him. we don't take time to just listen, to be quiet and let him speak to us. we are so busy making noise we don't hear what he has to say.

i pray that i am able to better quiet myself before God, that i can spend more time being silent. i know how valuable the quiet time is for me


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