Thursday, January 13, 2011

and my head told my heart 'let love grow'

i have spent a lot of my music listening time over the last several weeks engrossed in the album Sigh No More from the british band Mumford and Sons.

i have always been someone who can be taken to a place where i feel very close to God through music. and while Mumford and Sons are not a worship band, to me, their music is some of the most worshipful to me right now. they make music that is filled with passion, true emotion, a blend of hope and heartache that is genuine to me. so much "art" is made for other people, but to me, the best art is made for the artist. when the artist is not desiring to reach anyone, but rather are pouring themselves out for their own benefit, that is when the best art is made.

the album may not be for everyone, and there is at least one track that some Christian audiences would gasp at if i told them it was the most worshipful album i am listening to right now. but music has this ability to connect to people on a level that absolutely nothing else can. there is no way to explain why a child will intuitively dance to music without ever being shown what it is to dance. music reaches our soul, we don't have the same defenses to music as we do to empty speeches or hurtful language. we let music in when we block everything else out. that is what makes it so personal, and in turn, so beautiful.


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